A cool new donut shop has opened its doors in Cedar Rapids! Get ready for GLAZED AND INFUSED!

Glazed and Infused is located at 804 5th St SE, which is attached to the new restaurant Oak Hill Tavern (formerly home to Bostons). According to the official Facebook page, the new bakery opened its doors to the public on Easter Sunday (March 31st).

Glazed and Infused offers a variety of "OG" donuts, like glazed, chocolate, and vanilla, as well as fruity donuts that are made with real fruit, like strawberry, cherry, and blueberry. But, what sets Glazed and Infused apart from other donut shops is their "Boozy Donuts!" Each donut is infused with a different type of alcohol. Options include:

  • Bourbon Citrus
  • Margarita
  • Mimosa
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Chocolate Mojito

The OG Donuts at Glazed and Infused are $2.15, the Fruity Donuts are $2.35, and the Boozy Donuts are $3.25 each.

The first online review for Glazed and Infused is very positive! Facebook user Haley Johnson said, "... probably the best donut I’ve had. I had the cosmopolitan. It was SO soft and fluffy and my hubby had the OG glazed. Will definitely be returning."

According to the Facebook page, Glazed and Infused opens daily at 6 a.m. and serves donuts until 2 p.m. or until they're sold out. For the latest updates on the new bakery, you can follow their page HERE.

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