An Iowa woman was the victim of domestic abuse when she was seven months pregnant. It eventually led her to a terrifying hospitalization because there was no movement in the womb. She's now becoming a champion for pregnant women and their unborn children in efforts to get an Iowa law strengthened.

Kaylee Ciavarelli is from Mason City. Approximately two months from her due date she was hospitalized with doctors searching for the heartbeat of her unborn child. Thankfully, her daughter Love was ok and soon arrived in the world.

Ciavarelli was astounded to learn that in the state of Iowa domestic abuse charges only protect the fetus if the baby dies. Ciavarelli knew she had to do everything she could to help change that, and quickly. She told KIMT,

I met Angie [Perez] from United Way through Crisis [Intervention Service], and I spoke at an event right away. I just wanted to started to get the word out right away that we're speaking about this, this is something that needs to be talked about. If it needs to be me, I'll do it.

'Love's Law' passed a House sub-committee in Des Moines Tuesday night. If it becomes Iowa law, KIMT says anyone who assaults a person that they know is pregnant, or reasonably know is pregnant, would be charged with a Class D felony.

Ciavarelli realizes abuse of pregnant women is common. As she put it to KIMT, "It is way too common for it to not be a law. We want justice right away. We want to be a voice for the baby."

This should be a no-brainer for Iowa lawmakers. Pass this.

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