Sometimes you see a story and wonder how in the world something like that can happen. THIS is one of those stories.

Four years ago, the Colo-Nesco School District paid $12,000 to construct a playground in the small town of Zearing, in central Iowa. Unfortunately, when they made the purchase the school district didn't know there were $248 in overdue taxes on the land. Recently, the playground was sold for that same $248 to collect the debt.

The land was purchased by Mague Holdings LLC, according to WHO. They've put up a for sale sign and padlocked the gates to the playground. They'll sell it back to the school... for $50,000. Seriously?!

I couldn't agree more with what P.J. McBride, a lifelong resident of Zearing, told WHO:

Smarter heads than me that can figure this out and get it taken care of. The guy or LLC or whoever that bought this up, come on people, it's a playground, give me a break.”

Amen, ma'am.

[via WHO]

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