It's hard to argue with the Iowa Hawkeye football jersey. Its classic color scheme has stood the test of time. But in today's age of alternate uniform chaos, I still think it's fun to change things up once in a while. If the uniforms are done right, the fans love them and the players love wearing them. As Iowa gets ready to host #3 Ohio State Saturday afternoon in Iowa City, it's the designated blackout game. Fans are urged to wear black. And this year the team will wear alternate blackout uniforms. Check out the reveal video!

Yes, some purists will argue that taking the tiger hawk logo off one side of the helmet is a no-no. Those people need to lighten up. I think these uniforms look awesome. You can even see little 'I's' that make up the numbers on the uniforms. The players seem to love them. But will they help? Let's face it. Iowa needs any advantage they can get when they host the #3 Buckeyes. I have a feeling they'll be much more popular if the Hawks can pull off the upset!

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