It' hard to believe that we're less than one week away from seeing a Major League Baseball game played in the state of Iowa. The 'Field of Dreams' game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox will happen next Thursday, August 12th, at 6 p.m. Much has been made about the game, from the construction of a temporary 8,000 seat stadium, to the lottery system used to pick which Iowans would have the rights to buy tickets. One thing is for sure, we're likely to never see another baseball game that looks like this again!

CBS2 reports that this game has been many years in the making. It was back in 2015 when MLB began working with the owner of the Field of Dreams movie site, Denise Stillman. But she unfortunately passed away in 2018. Stillman had purchased the movie site in 2011 with a group of investors with the goal of preserving the site of the 1989 film. Information about the game was made public in 2019, and was supposed to be played in 2020, but the COVID pandemic prevented that.

Yesterday, Major League Baseball confirmed that both the Yankees and White Sox will be wearing custom jerseys for the special game. The style of the jerseys is inspired by uniforms worn by each team in the early 20th century. Lets take a look! First, the New York Yankees!

via New York Yankees

And now, a look at the uniforms that the Chicago White Sox will be wearing.

via Ron Vesely
via Ron Vesely

I really love the retro look of both team's uniforms, and can't wait to see them both appear from the corn in Dyersville next week! Welcome to heaven, Major League Baseball! Welcome to Iowa!


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