Good news dog owners, you can now bring your furry friends to more restaurants with you this summer. That's because KCCI reports that Iowa has lifted restrictions to allow dogs on patios. Yay!

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Why did Iowa lift restrictions to allow dogs on patios?

Simple. Dogs are like family to many pet owners, therefore they want to take their companions with them as many places as possible. Jessica Dunker with the Iowa Restaurant Association told reporters that a lot of people want to take their dogs out to eat with them, so now the state has made it easier.

How it is easier for Iowa restaurants to allow dogs on patios?

Before, restaurants had to "apply for a waiver from the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals." Now there's no waiver needed. Dogs are automatically welcome on outdoor patios, but they have to be on a leash, under control of the owner, and they can't go inside restaurants (unless it's a service animal). The only thing that restaurants that allow pets on patios are required to do is "post the rules and adhere to food code regulations." Easy enough.

Does a businesses have to allow pets on their patios in Iowa?

Nope. It's completely up to the business. Now it's just a simpler process for restaurants to allow pets on patios, which makes it a lot easier on pet owners.

Allowing pets on patios in Iowa may seem small, but it could potentially open the door for more business for restaurants that decide to be pet-friendly. With pet owners spending more time outdoors with their furballs this summer, it's now much easier for them to grab a drink on a patio after a nice walk.

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