The healthcare discussion in the country isn't one that is going to be solved anytime soon. And while other countries have surpassed the U.S. in things like coverage, life expectancy, and quality of life, we have shown improvements in providing high-quality care, accessibility, and at least slowed down spending. The results actually vary by state. And according to a new survey by Wallethub, Iowa did very well.

The study looked at 35 different variables including cost, accessibility, and outcome. Iowa ranked #2 out of the 50 states. 2nd in the nation in Health Care. Not bad at all. Hawaii was the only state that ranked higher.

Where does Iowa excel? We are #1 in the nation in hospital beds per capita, #2 in infant mortality rate, and received the 2nd best 'cost' rating in the country. Iowa also ranked 6th in percentage of insured adults and 10th in percentage of insured children.

Yes, health care continues to be expensive. That trend doesn't seem to have an end in sight. But at least in Iowa, we can take some comfort in knowing that our quality of care is among the best in the nation!


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