I can't imagine standing by and watching this situation unfold. Thankfully, at least two people didn't. It's honestly hard to believe this actually happened, but unfortunately, the video proves it did.

Sunday, September 12, at the QuikTrip on Hubbell Avenue in Des Moines, a woman was caught on camera holding a boy up in the air. In the video, the boy can be heard screaming "HELP", prior to the woman throwing him to the ground. The woman has been identified as Rejanie Morris of Des Moines. The boy is her autistic son.

KCCI reports that Arkeya Quinn and her fiance Michael Lomax were in the store at the time. Quinn shot the video of the incident between Morris and her son, but she didn't stand idly by.

After Morris throws her son to the ground, both Quinn and Lomax get involved. As Morris begins to leave she turns and hits Quinn in the back of the head. At that point, both Quinn and Lomax take Morris to the ground.

Sergeant Paul Parizek of the Des Moines Police Department told the media that when police got to the scene Morris was,

Screaming, yelling, and throwing property... we learned  that prior to our arrival, she had actually assaulted her child twice. To see it on video is horrifying. And you do become concerned about if she is going to do this in a public place, what kind of things are going on at home.

Morris was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, against Quinn and Lomax. She also faces a child endangerment charge.

The boy is doing well. He is being cared for the by Iowa Department of Human Services.

Video of the incident is below.

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