Appointment viewing. That would be 6:30 p.m. at our house each weeknight. That is when dinner is either starting or wrapping up and those of us home sit down to watch the popular game show 'Wheel of Fortune'. It was a favorite game show of my wife's grandparents. I grew up watching episodes with my family too. It also happens to be the game show that I do the best at. At least from the comfort of my own home! But a contestant from right here in Iowa did great in person Wednesday night and took home an astounding prize haul!

That contestant was Cory Houser. KNIA reports that Houser and his wife Lara live in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Cory actually used to be in the radio business. Houser was a sports announcer for KNIA/KRLS sports and used to do play-by-play for Pella, Pella Christian, and Central College athletics from 2013 to 2017. But last night, Cory was the competitor, not the announcer. The Ottumwa Post reports that Houser was the big winner heading into the Bonus Round, winning some $30,000 in prizes including a trip to Barbados! Then, he had to solve this 'Phrase' in the Bonus Round.

That is how you play 'Wheel of Fortune' folks. Houser's amazing night included the trip to Barbados, the new Ford Mustang GT convertible, and cash. Total prizes that added up to an astounding $86,165! His wife Lara joined him onstage to celebrate his big win!

'A Nice View From the Top'. It sure is Cory. Congratulations!

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