Mike Theis labeled the video for his incredible morel mushroom find very simply but the description says it all. "Jackpot. 23.25 lbs under one tree." Just look at this:

Like any smart mushroom hunter, Mike isn't giving any specifics about where he found those mushrooms this past Sunday. He says only "Dubuque" when asked what county he found them in. If it was me, I'd be putting up a 20-foot electric fence with 10 padlocks and 24-hour surveillance. I might even hire a guard. Ok, so that's a little over the top but the odds of finding what Mike did are probably less likely than hitting the Powerball jackpot.

I love the comments on the photo below. Probably my favorite is someone who wanted to buy some. Mike commented, "I don't sell them but I do give some away to OLD people. I guess you would qualify." As you might expect, quite a few people immediately wanted to qualify as "old."

For the record, Mike said he only had two bags with him and "had to send for reinforcements."

Congratulations, Mike! What's the most morel mushrooms you've ever found in one place?

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