I may not be a pure Iowan, born and raised here but if there is anything I know about Iowans, it's that they are some of the hardest working people I know... and this study proves it!

Iowans put in hours upon hours of hard work throughout the year, whether it is as farmers, John Deere workers or owning their own business, Iowans work hard to support themselves and their families. In fact, I am from a big city and can promise you we don't do as much manual labor as Iowans do. This is why I totally agree that Iowa deserves a spot among the top 20 hardest working states for 2020.

WalletHub recently put out their new study of the top 20 hardest working states of 2020 basing results off of factors such as average workweek hours, employment rate, average leisure time spent per day and so on. Among the top 20 list, Iowa ranked at number 16 for one of the hardest working states in America. No surprise there right?

Here is where Iowa ranked for some of those factors:

  • Avg. Workweek Hours- Iowa ranked 22nd
  • Employment Rate- Iowa ranked 6th
  •  Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs- Iowa ranked 8th
  • Avg. Leisure Time Spent per Day- Iowa ranked 24th

Great job Iowans!

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