Things got more than a little out of hand at a central Iowa high school Thursday morning. A brawl broke out among a group of students and a vice-principal ended up getting knocked out... at least it appears that way.

The fight happened Thursday morning at Valley High School in West Des Moines. A total of four students were involved and when David Perrigo tried to help stop the brawl, he ends up getting hit and drops to the ground. It's not clear if Perrigo, the vice-principal at the school, took an elbow to the head, but he is knocked to the ground. The school says he was unintentionally hit. Perrigo was taken to an area hospital for observation before being released.

One juvenile has already been arrested following the fight with more arrests expected. According to WQAD, tension built toward this fight after a disagreement outside the school. Personnel found out, called a meeting, and after the meeting the brawl happened.

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