A Sioux City mother has complained to the local school board after her 6th-grade daughter suffered serious injuries at the hands of two classmates carrying out a viral prank.

The Des Moines Register reports that the mother claims her daughter was injured on February 7th, when two West Middle School classmates talked her into a jumping contest. Mid-jump, they kicked her feet out from underneath, causing the girl to fall on her shoulder. The prank is called the "Skull Breaker Challenge" and was made popular on the app Tik Tok. It has led to reports of children suffering serious injuries across the country.

The mother has complained that a PE teacher who was in charge that day was distracted by his cellphone when the incident happened. She also claims that the school didn't take her daughter's medical situation seriously, and didn't report the incident to her right away.

The mother claims that her daughter suffered a broken arm and elbow and may never play volleyball again.

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