Tik Tok

WATCH: Eastern Iowa Cow Drops By Starbucks
This outing involves Mason, Gucci, and Starbucks. The duo pulled up into the drive thru, and immediately started to get some strange looks. However, it was the coffee shop staff that were somehow keeping calm as they grabbed their phones to capture the whole thing.
[Watch] Nicest Game of Ding Dong Ditch In Iowa
It all started with a young woman going to visit her friend in Coralville, IA. They started hearing weird noises late one night, and they couldn't figure out where it was coming from. After hearing it several times, they realized it was someone knocking at the door. Each time this person knocke…
Tik Toker Zooms in on Random Iowa Houses
This account is called Zooming In Iowa Houses and it's my new obsession. Who hasn't zoomed in on Google Maps to try and find their house or even their friends' houses? There are currently about 85 videos of this person zooming in on random Iowa homes.