One of my favorite days of the week is Friday. Not only because it is the end of the work week, but also because of the Iowa Department of Transportation.

I know...maybe a weird thing to be excited about but let me explain!

In August of 2013, the Iowa DOT started this program called "Message Mondays," but in 2021 officials shifted it to Fridays and renamed it "Roadside Chats."

Every week on the overhead message boards on interstates and major highways, a "thought-provoking" message about road safety and road fatalities would be posted.

According to the Iowa DOT website, this is meant to "help travelers understand the number of fatalities that occur on Iowa’s roads and increase the visibility of traffic safety."

Iowans can even submit ideas for these signs.

Some of them are more serious and some of them are straight up silly!
Iowa DOT

Others reference some of our favorite movies!

Courtesy of What Drives You
Courtesy of What Drives You

These hilarious messages might not be around for too much longer, thanks to the federal government.

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Say Goodbye to Iowa DOT's Hilarious Road Signs

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the federal government is cracking down on roadside signs that have us cracking up.

The Department of Transportation claims that these hilarious signs are actually dangerous due to several factors. They can sometimes take longer to read, cause crashes due to "distracted driving," and straight up confuse people.

This isn't just an attack on Iowa's Department of Transportation. Other states that have pop-culture/punny signs on their highways include Arizona, New Jersey, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Then the Federal Highway Administration told the state government to 'cease and desist.' Officials said reportedly that it 'does not serve a highway purpose, is inconsistent with both law and regulations.'

How Much Longer Will Iowa Have These Hilarious Messages?

This Iowa staple won't be going away tomorrow, so don't worry. According to reports. the federal government is giving states two years to comply with this new regulation.

So, by January 2026, Fridays in Iowa are going to get a whole lot more boring!

Check out some of the funniest messages that Iowa DOT has put up on their state highway signs down below!

Hilarious Iowa DOT Signs

Anyone else share a sense of humor with a state's Department of Transportation? Just me? Well, every Monday the Iowa Department of Transportation puts up a sometimes hilarious, sometimes straightforward message on their road signs across the state. This is called "message Monday" and Iowa DOT tries to entertain and educate drivers through these signs. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Gallery Credit: Kerri Mac

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