Injuries are a constant part of the game of football. It's part of the reason that participation in the sport is down at all levels. And when your small roster is depleted by injuries you have to make some tough choices. That's just what Grinnell College had to do this week.

The Division 3 University forfeited the rest of its 2019 football season this week. Why? Because they barely have enough healthy players to field a team. They only had 39 players on this year's roster to start. Last week, 11 were injured to the point that they couldn't play. 28 players just simply aren't enough to field a competitive team.

The school issued a statement saying that they were not willing to compromise the safety of the remaining players, or of the 11 who suffered season-ending or multiple week injuries. They forfeited the rest of the games on their 2019 schedule. Grinnell was 0-3 to start the year and had been outscored 116-3. Now, their record will read 0-10. The team is just 3-30 since 2016.

No word on the future of the football program, but you can bet this won't help recruiting efforts.


[via USA Today]

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