It's official! The state of Iowa has another horse in the race on the new season of ABC's 'American Idol.' Iowa City high school student Abbie Callahan has announced that she is one of the lucky singers going to Hollywood after landing herself a golden ticket on the show.

We found out back in December that Abbie auditioned for the singing competition show, but at that time she was unable to reveal whether or not she made it to the next round. Since last night was the final night of auditions, she used her Instagram (iamabbiecallahan) to let her fans know the good news. And she had to tell us because unless you caught the brief glimpse of her in the episode's final montage, you didn't get to see her audition. Unfortunately, her story was not chosen to be featured during any of the recent episodes, but that's ok! There are plenty of amazing artists chosen to go to Hollywood with auditions that didn't air. There is a lot of great talent and they can't possibly show them all. We're looking forward to hearing her sing on one of the upcoming episodes!

In the meantime, you can always check out Abbie's Instagram HERE if you want to hear her sing. And you should, because this girl is the REAL DEAL. I'm obsessed! Here are a few of her recent posts:

Read more about Abbie Callahan HERE.

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