I can tell you that after living in the city for the better part of 26 years now, the simple life of country living certainly has it's appeal. I rediscover it every time we visit my parents at their farm north of Anamosa. It's so quiet. All you hear are the birds and the wind. It should come as no surprise that many people who live in a more rural setting are realizing the appeal to city dwellers like myself. They're transforming rural settings into amazing Airbnb homes people can rent. One in the Iowa City area even resembles a barn. At least on the outside.

That Iowa City property is knows as The Milk House at Lucky Star Farm. It is located between Iowa City and Kalona in rural Johnson County. Airbnb says that the renovated barn is around 700 square feet and has enough room for four adults. Susan, who lists the property on Airbnb, says that her family moved to the farm in 2011 with the goal of creating a family-centered sustainable farm. They began hosting guests in 2020. As you'll see, the inside of the old barn is amazing, but the property has so much more to offer!

The farm itself is 20 acres. Guests can enjoy the pond to swim or paddleboard. There is a fire pit with wood to burn. There is even a half mile trail around the property for people to hike and explore. And let's not forget about the livestock! You'll encounter llamas and goats! And don't forget a trip the the chicken coop!

The Milk House at Lucky Star Farm books for around $149 per night, with a two night minimum stay, according to Airbnb. You can stay there anytime or any season, Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall. I checked availability today and trust me, dates book up fast! And why wouldn't it? This truly looks to be the best that country living has to offer!


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