*The Featured Image is a Generic Christmas Tree and Not The Tree in This Story*

Christmas has come and gone and now we have entered, what the internet is calling, "Dead Week." Once Christmas is over, we enter some kind of parallel universe where nothing should count. We've arrived at a blank week of the year.  If you celebrate Christmas, your holiday is over and now it feels like you can enjoy a week-long holiday hangover.

If you're lucky, you have the week off or at least part of it. If you're not as lucky, hopefully, your work makes it a pretty easy couple of days for you. During the dead week, our normal rhythm of life isn't exactly back to normal but you still might have to get up and go to work. You might have relatives or friends who have half days or can half a** work from home. You aren't sure if you should stay up late, binge-watch entire shows on Netflix, or open a beer at 10:00 a.m.

All we're doing is waiting for the New Year's Eve party to arrive and enjoy January 1st at home. As I'm typing this, I've just realized there will only be 1 other person in the building, at my workplace, for the remainder of 2023. This is part of why I'm calling this Dead Week. It pretty much is dead in my building.

One of Iowa's Best Christmas Trees

My wife and I drove up to Minneapolis last week to celebrate Christmas with our families that live in Minnesota. On the way up, we happened to drive past the most Iowa Christmas tree you've ever seen. I don't mean that negatively either. This was awesome. It made us both laugh and reminded us that Christmas had arrived.

With all of the stress that comes with traveling for the holidays, this was the perfect reminder that we were about to spend time with our loved ones and we could enjoy a few days away from work.

While your Christmas Spirit might have come and gone, I wanted to share this with you. The car was a little far away, so I had to zoom in with my camera but this was awesome.


Imagine traveling 70 mph on i380 and a blaze orange Jeep truck drives past you with this thing standing in the back of the bed. Not only was it standing up and appeared to be stable, it was completely lit with lights that hung on for dear life.

I turned 33 this year and as I've gotten older, smaller moments like this have made a much bigger impact on what I love and enjoy about Christmas. Only in Iowa will you see a fully lit Christmas tree, in the back of someone's truck, as they drive 70 mph on i380.

Whoever this was, I hope you see this. I hope you had an awesome Christmas and thank you for the laugh my wife and I were able to share. It was one of my favorite gifts I received this year.

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