This Iowa family decided not to go big or go home. They did both.

A quick Google search shows the average Christmas tree inside a house is 7 to 7 1/2 feet tall. A central Iowa family wanted to go a whole lot larger this year, even if it meant it wouldn't all fit inside their home. It's created a unique scene that will undoubtedly result in double-takes and lots of extra traffic by the house in the coming weeks.

The Feldman family of Story City decided to make Christmas extra special for their family this year. Whitney Feldman's brother-in-law mentioned seeing a photo of a tree that appeared to be going through someone's roof. What a great idea, they thought. Challenge accepted.

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The Feldmans visited Strautman Christmas Tree Farm in Cambridge, Iowa, and said they wanted a really tall tree. The staff could've never imagined just how big. They ended up going with a 20-footer... two feet taller than anything the farm had ever sold before, according to Eric Hanson of KCCI.

Getting that huge tree back to Story City was a large enough challenge, but that was nothing compared to getting it in the house. Whitney told KCCI it took three days to get the tree fully situated.

The family had to cut half the branches on one side of the tree so they could get it inside... eight feet of it anyway. The other twelve feet are sitting on the roof of the house.

The tree sits in a five-gallon bucket, where Whitney says it consumes from one to two gallons of water per day. How many lights does a tree that big require? The Feldman family put 1,200 on it... inside, and outside, of course.

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