Want to scare the pants off somebody you know in Coralville or Iowa City? We have the perfect suggestion! Hurts Donuts in Coralville is going to be doing a scary clown delivery service in honor of Halloween. That's right, folks - you can have a terrifying clown deliver donuts to your friends, family, co-workers... whoever!

According to the Facebook post, there will be no set times for deliveries, just AM and PM sessions. They will be delivering within Iowa City on October 22nd and Coralville on October 23rd, so it's a two-day only event. There are a few rules, too. The post reads:

"We will not be delivering to any of the following: hospitals, mental health facilities, daycares, schools, government buildings, police and fire stations, or college classrooms."

If you're interested in the special delivery, you can call 319-383-6000 to get on the schedule! If they don't answer, they ask that you leave a message and someone will give you a call back. I am so thankful that the radio station is located in Cedar Rapids and NOT within the delivery area...

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