Talk about an extreme New Year's resolution! A woman in London made a resolution at the beginning of 2016 that she wouldn't spend any extra money all year. That's right, she wouldn't buy anything all year, except what she absolutely needed!

What did she spend her money on? She paid her mortgage, bills, insurance, charity, which all added up to about $2300 a month. She gave herself a budget of $43 a week for food and toiletries. That's only $6 a day! No Netflix. No gym membership. No new clothes. No extras at all! How did she do?

Last year she saved $27,000! Not bad! How much did you manage to save in 2016? She says that she used her savings to pay off a huge chunk of her mortgage. Now that her resolution is over, she says she's less likely to splurge on things that she simply doesn't need.

Could you do what this woman did? It seems a bit extreme to me but you can't argue with the results!


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