Really now...How Did I Not Know Bug Soother Existed?

Summer is here and the gnats, flies, skeeters and other bugs are already swarming in the thick, humid air.

New to the area, my wife and recently discovered the perfect lotion that real Iowans have known about for years. Yep, you know it as "Bug Soother."

While the rest of the USA scratches its way through summer, spraying that crappy OFF repellent everywhere, Fred Sojka and his family are quietly providing relief to those in the know.

Fred is the founder and CEO of Simply Soothing, Inc., a company based out of Columbus Junction, Iowa! He's been in business since 2003 and has made a line of natural products that grows more popular every day.

The family-run business is a huge success... because the stuff really works!!

They've expanded the line of products beyond just Bug Soother to include essential oils, bath, and body skin care products, air fresheners and more.

Bug Soother - Photo: M Ferris/TSM
Bug Soother - Photo: M Ferris/TSM

The best thing about Bug Soother is works! But with its light lemongrass scent, it smells awesome too!

Hmmm...maybe a cologne is something to think about?


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