So you want to deliver packages, huh? I have to send out major kudos to these two gentlemen who braved incredibly slick conditions in Iowa City Wednesday morning because deliveries had to be made. Their big challenges were caught in hilarious videos (below) shot by Mehgan Diefenderfer. Mehgan and her kids had me laughing throughout watching these videos.

In Mehgan's Facebook post she explains that the huge box was bound for one of her neighbors. Despite the conditions, they got the job done and some great neighbors even slid bags of salt down their driveway to the diligent deliverers. Once the deliveries were made, Mehgan's kids treated the fellas, who work for Bolton Logistics in Iowa City, to some cups of hot cocoa.

The company shared the videos on their Facebook page with the message, "Anything to get the job done! Enjoy!" And 'enjoy' them is exactly what I did and I think you will, too. However, those two guys might be asking for a raise.

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