If you're driving the highways and byways of this great nation you’ve driven by one of these great places. These fantastic structures light up the day or night and keep motorists of all types on the go. 

The National Association of Truck Stop Operators says there are more than 2,500 truck stops in the United States.  They offer amenities like showers, parking, and gas or diesel.  We're focusing on the extras.

 The largest offers you this  

Walcott Iowa stands tall with the largest truck stop on I-80. I’ve stopped there many times over the years. More times than I’d care to count but they usually offer the cheapest gas and it’s fun to mill around to see what’s new and different.  

A bathroom visit is usually standard. Grabbing food or a beverage, gassing up is all the way to go. However, they also offer something that you might not have thought about.  

If you’re looking for the latest flick. The largest truck stop in America has a movie theater. Not only that, they also service teeth. A dentist’s office is also on site. The services are available Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to close (Closing times vary) and walk-ins are welcome. If you might be on the hunt for a great novel, they also have a library. Plus, chiropractic care for the misaligned. Maybe that hair is getting a little long don’t worry barbershop is at your service.  

A lot of these services are for the trucking world. The men & woman who bring us stuff. If you see something somewhere, it probably got there by a truck.  

They offer even more services for that trucking world. The trucking service center is open 24 hours for things like DOT inspections, Reefer repair, brakes, alignments, and truck-related repairs. with the amazing repair options, they also have stuff you need in everyday life like USPS boxes, washers/dryers, faxing, Dogomat pet wash, computer use, a full-service wireless kiosk, and even church services. Don’t forget the custom shop. They’re open from 9 am to 9 pm. They are offering services like custom lettering, DOT lettering, laser engraving, business cards, and more. It’s got a lot of stuff. 

 This truck stop is an award winner! 

I’ve been to Walcott Iowa many times but is the biggest truck stop the most popular? The name I’ve heard as of late is Buc-ee’s. They have Guinness World Records for the largest convenience store in the world and the world’s longest car wash and is located in Katy, Texas. 

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There are more and more

One of the new Buc-ee's locations is in Springfield, MO is offering up Beaver nuggets, fudge, and fresh brisket, and they claim that they have some of the cleanest bathrooms in the world.  In the whole world? Yes, the whole world.  They do offer services but it does not seem to stack up like the 24-hour services, movie theater, dentist, and library, in Walcott.  Though Walcott is one location and Buc-ee's is many and growing.

Does The Biggest Truck Stop on I-80, In Iowa, need a mascot?

Buc-ee's has its famous furry mascot, Buc-ee the Beaver.  You'll find his face on almost everything in the store.  If you are so inclined you could put your face in the full-sized adult Buc-ee the Beaver costume.  I've not been to buc-ee's but I do want one of these costumes.  They're quite festive and very Beavery.  Do you think the truck stop in Iowa could use a mascot?  They could send you out that door with many items with their face plastered on it, it could be quite lucrative.  If you think of something let me know I'll probably steal your idea and take all the credit.

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