Football is a rough, violent game. Sometimes a play occurs that has a hit so vicious it scares you as a viewer. It's not too often that one of those hits scares everyone on the field and team personnel on both sides of the field immediately spring to action. Such was the case last night during a very scary moment at Lambeau Field.

Late in the 3rd quarter of the game, Aaron Rodgers connected with wide receiver Davante Adams who was wrapped up by a pair of Chicago players. He was turned around by the hit and Danny Trevathan came in and hit him with, what appeared to be, helmet to helmet contact. Adams immediately fell to the turf, motionless. It takes less than two seconds for players to signal for help.

Adams was able to give the thumbs-up sign as he was carted off the field but, thankfully, has full movement.

Danny Trevathan of Chicago was penalized for unnecessary roughness on the play. He told there was no malicious intent: "I was just trying to make a play. It wasn't intentional. I was just trying to do my job and he ended up getting hurt. I'm sorry about that and I'm going to reach out to him."

What are your thoughts? Should Trevathan have been ejected? Should he be suspended? Or, is this just football. Please share your thoughts below.

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