In my 27 years at KHAK, I figure I've attended close to 60 country concerts at the Great Jones County Fair. I've climbed up on the stage to welcome you to one of your most fun nights of the year countless times. Not once have I worried about my safety. Everyone surrounding the fair in Monticello is looking closely at just how much more can be done to make sure the Five Best Days of Summer remain just that.

Our news partner, CBS 2, has put together a wonderful piece with Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver and, on the phone, Fair General Manager John Harms:

It gives me great comfort to know that law enforcement and the fair make sure they have things in place around the fairgrounds that you and I don't even see, to help keep us safe. It also doesn't surprise me. It's the most well-orchestrated event I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

You've undoubtedly noticed when listening to K-Hawk this week that we've not been saying anything about Jason Aldean's show at next year's fair. Considering what happened over the weekend in Las Vegas (during Jason's performance no less), it just wouldn't have been right. Everyone, ourselves included, needed to step back a bit this week. Time to count our blessings and mourn for all those fellow Americans who were killed in such a senseless way that none of us can comprehend it. The day is coming soon that we will talk about his show again and when Jason comes to eastern Iowa next July 19, I know you'll surround him with even more love than you have before.

[via CBS2]

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