It's a move that has many people in Eastern Iowa scratching their heads. CBS2 reports that Iowa Governor Kim Reynold's office has ordered the Test Iowa site in Dubuque to limit the number of tests they do per day to 100.

The city of Dubuque announced the request in a news release yesterday. CBS2 says that the governor's office has directed Epic Health and Wellness to change operations at their test site in Dubuque, limiting their coronavirus tests to 100 per day. Local health officials say that they were conducting between 400 and 550 tests per day before the request.  The orders from the governor will also scale back hours at the site to just 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Thursday. The site will be closed on Fridays.

The reduction in testing comes as cases of the virus rise throughout Iowa and the country. Data compiled by the New York Times shows that the region had the second-highest number of new cases over the past seven days with 211. Pat Garrett, a spokesperson with the governor's office, called the changes to Dubuque's test site "temporary." CBS2 reports that Garrett went on to note that the state wants to maintain consistency in testing across all Test Iowa sites.

Test Iowa is a $26 million state program with private companies that was launched back in April. Some sites are drive-through locations and others are clinics that are opened in partnerships with health care groups. Since late May, anyone seeking a test, regardless of their symptoms, may get one through the Test Iowa program.


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