With the weather warming up and summer right around the corner, people everywhere will be hitting the road to do some traveling.

When you're on long road trips, you encounter some pretty rough restrooms. Especially, if you're going through a smaller town. According to GasBuddy's "2019 summer travel survey, 40% of travelers fear needing to use the restroom but not knowing where to find a clean one." If you're part of that 40% and are taking a road trip through Iowa, we're here to help you choose the best stop to do your business. The research found the top-rated gas station restrooms in each state. For Iowa, Kwik Trip flushed out the others and came out on top!


GasBuddy collected data and reviews from covering more than 150,000 retail locations where gasoline is sold. Consumers who have the app can review gas stations and their restrooms directly. So, this data is basically coming straight from the bathroom goers themselves! Now you can be relieved that you know exactly where to go to relieve yourself on the road. Happy travels! Oh, and as always don't forget to wash your hands.

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