A high school in Cedar Rapids has instituted a new bathroom policy aimed at the simple concept of making students comfortable.

KCRG reports that students at Cedar Rapids Washington high school can now use what is being called a 'privacy restroom.' And no, the plan is not in response to the bill signed by Governor Kim Reynolds that requires students to use the bathroom that matches their biological sex and not their gender identity. School officials tell KCRG that the restrooms were originally designed for staff members. But after several years of discussions, it was decided that would be used instead as a space for all students.

via KCRG
via KCRG

According to KCRG, any student who wishes to use the privacy restroom can go to the office and ask for a key. They keep that key with them and can use the restroom anytime that they need to. Cedar Rapids Washington principal Darius Ballard told KCRG that the goal is to make kids feel comfortable while learning at school.

We knew right away before we can educate a kid, we have to give them their space, their opportunity to feel comfortable.

Ballard also stressed that the move is not a direct response to the recent bathroom bill in the state of Iowa. He told KCRG that the privacy restrooms have been in the works for the past couple of years. The privacy bathrooms officially opened up to students this past Friday, as students gathered to have an official door-unlocking ceremony.

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