As many of you do, I stop in to a local Kum & Go from time to time. I pick up a Diet Dew, get some gas for my car, enjoy some of their food (try the eggrolls!) But one thing I don't really consider Kum & Go to be experts in are the athletic shoe game. However, the Des Moines based gas station chain is about to drop it's first ever pair of athletic shoes. Get ready...for the Ampersand1!

So my first question, as is yours I'm guessing, is why? CBS2 reports that the idea for gas station branded sneakers actually came from another fundraising effort. During a recent merchandise collaboration, Kum & Go sold branded T-shirts and fanny packs with the proceeds going to The Trevor Project. That group was founded to provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ teens and young adults. The sales totaled nearly $27,000. While the shoes won't benefit the charity, that is where the idea got started.

CBS2 reports that there is no release date, or price tag known for the Ampersand1 as of yet. More information is expected in the next few weeks. Kum & Go is working with Philadelphia based footwear designer Garrixon on the project.

So, how much would you pay for Kum & Go shoes? Are they worth putting next to your classic Jordan 1's?


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