Imagine driving home from work or to the grocery store, you know, you're just going about your day normally. Then as you look ahead you see a giant inflatable duck rolling your way. We repeat, a GIANT INFLATABLE DUCK rolling toward you as you're driving! It's definitely not something that you see every day. But some folks in Des Monies got to witness it first hand Thursday night.

So how did this big guy wind up cruisin' the streets of Des Moines, you ask? According to KCCI, these giant ducks are used to promote the annual Youth Emergency Services and Shelters Duck Derby. The YESS duck derby is in its 11th year and is set for Saturday, May 5 (although it appears as though this duck couldn't wait). All of the proceeds from the event benefit YESS, an organization that "provides a safe haven and network of services designed to care for kids when they need it most." The organization puts these ducks out every year to help promote the event and raise awareness. But, they probably weren't expecting to see one rolling down the streets. Watch the footage for yourself, it'll QUACK you up...(see what we did there.)

We're surprised this thing didn't pop! That's one lucky duck.

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