Who needs a whole pizza when you can have one giant slice!? (It's practically a whole pizza anyways). A place in Des Moines is serving up pizza slices as "big as your face."

Papa Keno's, located near Drake University in Des Moines, opened earlier this year according to The Des Moines Register. The pizza shop serves sandwiches, salads, desserts, and of course pizza! They are famous for their pizza slices and we can clearly see why because they are HUGE.

Papa Keno's offers slices for $4.09 that are "as big as your face". Seriously, it says that on their menu. It'll cost you a little more than that if you want to add toppings. Now, if you're looking for a full size pizza... that'll be giant too. The full pizzas come either as an 18-inch or 26-inch. Take a look at one of the 26-inchers below!

They're going to have a lot of leftovers. It's easy to feel miniature when you're chowing down on one of these giant slices. And one thing is for certain, if you're going to plan a visit to this place, you better go HUNGRY!

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