61-year-old Richard Hagen of Nebraska caught this 89-pound Flathead Catfish (he named him 'Brutus') along the Missouri River in the Southeast corner of Nebraska. He hooked 'Brutus' using a bluegill for bait. He was 53.5 inches long with a girth of 37.5 inches. It took him 45-minutes to reel him in.

Brutus broke the old record of an 80-pound Flathead Catfish that was caught June 14, 1988.

According to omaha.com, he kept the monster fish alive until he could find a scale big enough to weigh him...and then he let him go. Read more HERE.

The Iowa record for flathead catfish dates back to 1958, according to the Iowa DNR, when an 81-pounder was caught in Chariton.

According to largest.org, the world record for the largest Flathead Catfish EVER caught was a 123-pound beast in Kansas in 1988.

Credit: GoOutdoorsNE via Twitter

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