The music of Garth Brooks has touched the lives of countless country music fans. And fans of Garth have said 'thank you' for that music in many different ways. Written letters, and signs at his concerts. But perhaps no form of 'thank you' is as permanent as getting a tattoo. I'm sure Garth has seen plenty of good and well, not so good, Garth-themed tattoos in his day. But earlier this month the country legend paid tribute to an Eastern Iowa fan who got a Garth tattoo done right!

I've been Facebook friends with Jeff Lenhart for years. I always known him to be a fan of country music. He is also one of the biggest fans of Garth Brooks you'll ever meet. He has even had the good fortune to see him in concert several times over the past couple of years. So it didn't shock me when I saw that Jeff was going to pay homage to his favorite Garth song, 'The Dance', by having lyrics tattooed on his arm.

Jeff Lenhart
Jeff Lenhart

Jeff also has the Garth logo and autograph in ink on his right arm. Greg Howell who owns the Dubuque Tattoo Club, is responsible for Jeff's artwork. I'm sure Jeff would love to have shown Garth his tattoos in person at some point in time. But it turns out Garth beat him to the punch!

During a recent episode of Garth's web series 'Inside Studio G', someone on the internet had seen a picture of Jeff's tribute to Garth and brought it to his attention. So Jeff Lenhart's Garth tattoo was featured live on Inside Studio G!

Needless to say, Jeff was in a bit of shock! How cool was it that Garth actually got to see Jeff's tribute to his favorite song? Not many fans can say that! And of course, Jeff informed me that he already has another Garth-themed lyric tattoo planned. This time he will used lyrics from the Garth Brooks song, 'The River.' 

Choose to Chance the Rapids, and Dare to Dance the Tide.

That should look great on the other arm, Jeff! And who knows? Maybe Garth will catch wind of that one too!


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