Things took a surprising turn on Taste Bud Trivia this morning. Danielle brought in Funyuns frosted with cream cheese for our DJs to try and to all of our surprise, they actually loved it! Courtlin was excited from the start because apparently cream cheese is one of her favorite "food groups". And who doesn't love Funyuns? A crunchy, chip like onion ring?! Yes please! And I mean, after thinking it through, the combination kinda makes sense. There ARE onion flavored cream cheeses, so the two flavors aren't SO far off from each other. Add in the crunch factor and you've got yourself a pretty solid snack according to our morning show hosts! Shoutout to Buzzfeed for the new snack at hand in our studio!

Remember, if you have a strange food combination you'd like Brain and Courtlin to try on 'Taste Bud Trivia', keep it to yourself! Or you can submit it via our Facebook page!

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