It's cold outside and staying that way for some time, which will make homebound residents of Linn County even more homebound for several days. But some eligible residents who still want to get their COVID vaccine but lack access to transportation have a warm and free ride option available starting today.

Those with transportation needs to their appointment for the vaccine are getting assistance from Linn County LIFTS. Starting today, the county's public transportation service is helping residents get to their appointments. It's open to those getting the vaccine and their caregivers or those assisting them.

You must already have an appointment to get a vaccine, then you can call Linn County LIFTS for transportation assistance at least 24 hours or as much as 2 weeks in advance for a free ride to and from the appointment. Their number is (319)-892-5170 or contact by email at You can also call that number for someone on the line to help you obtain information on your actual vaccine eligibility and where to get one.

The service will be offered, according to KWWL, to designated vaccination sites from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with rides not available on Sunday. These are free rides, according to the Linn County LIFTs website,  to "ensure no barriers including lack of transportation, prevent someone from getting vaccinated. Anyone traveling to or from a Linn County vaccine provider is eligible for transportation for the purpose of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine or assisting someone who is receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.".

So, make sure you schedule the appointment so they know you're using the free ride option to get to it. Get more information here.

Currently, anyone 65 and older is eligible for their vaccine in Linn County. Learn more here about vaccine eligibility and distribution in Linn County, including information on where you might get one.

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