The Big Ten has announced that Iowa Hawkeyes Men's Basketball Coach Fran McCaffery has been suspended for one game for his actions in Sunday's game against Wisconsin.  McCaffery was given two technical fouls during the game and was also ejected from the game.

McCaffery opened his Tuesday press conference with this statement:

"I just want to begin by saying that I really appreciate my discussions with Gary Barta the last two days in terms of handling everything. I think it's important to point out that my passion and energy come from a good place. I want my players to play that way. We ask them to play that way, and I'm going to fight for my guys. That's what I'm going to do. That will not stop. But I think in that instance, without question, I lost my cool, and you can't do that. We don't want them to do that, so I can't do that.

And I never want to put them in a position where it affects them in any way negatively, or, as I said before, anything to reflect negatively on the institution. Certainly not my desire. But it's a competitive game. That was a competitive game, and we're going to fight.

Beyond this statement, I'll let my other statement stand, and let's move forward."

Iowa AD and McCaffery both made statements Monday.  Read those HERE.

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