Let's face it. Playing tricks on your kids can be fun, especially when they're young enough to not fully understand what's going on. Nothing harmful or damaging, or something that will end them up on a leather couch in therapy someday. I'm talking about the little white lies that you can get away with during a certain period of parenting. Sure, these days come to an end when the child wises up. Perhaps no other little white lie towards kids is as funny as messing with their Halloween candy!

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel started this trend several years ago, asking parents to videotape their kids and tell them that you ate all of their hard-earned Halloween candy. The results, as you can imagine, range from outright anger and screams to the more well-balanced children who say they still love mom, even though she's a thief. It is a trend that six years ago, I took part in. No, my video didn't get spliced into the montage shown on Jimmy Kimmel, but it was sure fun! So this is Carly and Cayleigh, ages 7 and 5 at the time, responding to me telling them that mom and I ate their candy.

Did they really believe me? I'm not so sure. Cayleigh at least decided she was going to go and check. For the record, their candy was fine, I just hid it for the sake of this video.

Here in the year 2021, Jimmy Kimmel didn't actually ask for submissions this year. Yahoo reports that after putting the tradition on hold last year due to the pandemic, Kimmel was going to let it slide this year too. But parents sent in over 200 submissions of them tricking their kids. Sometimes it's hard to beat the classics!


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