Iowa City is one cool town. So cool in fact, that it makes the rest of us a little bit envious.

Here are five things everyone from Iowa City want you to know about the place they call home.

Iowa City is home to the biggest sports team in the state. With no professional major-league teams here, it’s no surprise that the Hawkeyes are the team most people cheer for. And there are no bigger Hawkeyes fans than those who live in Iowa City.

The Hamburg Inn is quite possibly the greatest place to grab a meal in all of Iowa. Terrific food, large portion sizes and the fact that it is a home grown, locally owned favorite are all part of its wonderful charm.

The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is not only the state's crown jewel of healthcare, but is also highly regarded in our nation as one of the finest medical facilities in all the USA.

Iowa City is the most liberal town in the state. They proudly support the LBGT community, they endorse progressive social change, and they vote to protect the environment. All things to be proud of.

Iowa City is more than just a college town. OK sure, we do have a major Big 10 University and hospital in our backyard. And yes, they are the areas' largest employer. But other great companies in Iowa City make it a great place to work, including International Automotive Components Group, Pearson Educational Measurement, and the Iowa City Community School District.

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