It's the one thing about holidays that no one likes - the traveling!

So as a public service for your Aunt Mildred and Uncle Hubert, here are a few tips on how to not drive us Iowans crazy with your Cheese-Headed, Minnesota-Nice, Flat-Lander, Show-Me Out-of-State shenanigans behind the wheel.

If you're coming to Iowa, learn to drive like an Iowan. Don't do these five things and we'll get along just fine.

Oh, and have a nice day!

  • JordiDelgado

    Not Turning Right on Red Light.

    Here in Iowa we allow that time-saving "right turn on red" thing like most normal states. If you're from a place where it's not allowed, we understand. But that's no excuse for you not turning. Just so you know, that's why we're honking at you, so move it!

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Brake Stomping on I-380

    Oh, it's a thing alright...brake stomping on I-380 as you pass under the speed cameras. Stop it! Stop going 65 mph through the S Curve and then slamming on your brakes as you pass under the traffic cameras. It's not just annoying, its dangerous.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Not Using Turn Signals...ever!

    Not using turn signals when it helps alert other drivers of your intentions is a bad habit most out of state drivers suffer from. But Iowans seem to be afflicted with this sickness as well. Someone, please tell me why no one seems to use their turn signals anymore?

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    Just like Mr. Mayhem says on the insurance TV commercial, no one likes a tailgater, especially when it's pointed out to us that WE'RE the ones doing the tailgating! Remember the Yosemite Sam mudflaps from years ago? If you can't take a joke, then at least take the hint and "Back Off!"

  • Shutterstock

    Interstate Left Lane Hogs

    Interstate Left Lane Hogs are undeniably the worst of all offenders! These people are completely unaware of how much traffic they are holding up. They just lolly-gag through life and mosey on down the lane at 5 mph under the speed limit, while chatting with their whom I say "Get outta my way!"

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