The value of a dollar changes from year to year. Heck, it can change from month to month depending on the situation. It's a lovely thing called inflation. Inflation is tracked by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, calculating how much the dollar is worth.

So imagine you're holding a ten dollar bill. Your options on spending that in 2018 are fairly limited. That wouldn't even fill your car up with gas at today's prices. But what if you got to take that ten dollars and got back in time and spend it the year you were born? Suddenly, thanks to inflation, that ten dollars goes a lot farther!

The folks at Business Insider took date from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and calculated how much ten dollars would be worth from the years 1965 through 2010. It also took that value and let you go shopping for one random item. So, let's hop in the way back machine and go back to the year of my birth, 1974!

In 1974, the value of today's $10 was $54.11. Today, that would buy you a nice Amazon Echo Dot.

Courtlin was born in 1991. $10 back then was worth $18.73. That would buy you a nice pack of Tide Pods. Just don't eat them.

To find out the value of $10 the year you were born, click HERE.


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