Sometimes words don't come out right. Earlier this week Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz made headlines for announcing that he was disbanding the diversity committee that was created in 2020 after allegations of racism and bullying within the Iowa football program. In a letter sent to Hawkeye parents this week, Ferentz clarified his intentions.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Ferentz told football parents that it is "not accurate" that he has disbanded or dissolved the group. Instead, Ferentz stated his intentions to have players who have competed as Hawkeyes more recently be part of the committee. In the letter, Ferentz wrote;

The new edition of the group which will be made up of players who completed their careers not long ago, joined by select outside voices. They will add fresh perspectives to inform my thought process.

The Gazette reports that Ferentz stated that several players on the committee told him they would step away from the committee in December, and felt that their work had made a difference, and that it was time to hear from a new group of voices. He then made the decision to release members of the committee from their duties following Iowa's bowl game. On January 11th, Ferentz sent an email telling committee members that he was dissolving the committee.

Former Hawkeye lineman David Porter was the chair of the former committee. He shared a group text just days before Ferentz's email that he believed that Iowa football should move on with a new head coach and athletic director.

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