The FDA has said farewell to Juul product sales in the United States.

Thursday morning, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Juul electronic cigarettes and vaping devices must be pulled from the market in the United States.

According to KWQC, the FDA examined an application from Juul to keep their products on the market. In order to do that, companies must prove that adults using their products are likely to either reduce the amount that they smoke, or that they'll likely quit altogether. Companies must also show that teens aren't likely to get addicted to them.

While Juul couldn't prove the above to the FDA, other companies apparently have. Logic and R.J. Reynolds are among the companies that have received approval since the fall of 2021.

As far as Juul is concerned, any of their products that are on the market must also be removed from store shelves. Customers who already have Juul products are not restricted from using them.

Earlier this week, the FDA also announced they would be setting a maximum nicotine level for some products that contain tobacco. In Tuesday's announcement, the FDA also said they have made an investment to help make youths in the U.S. aware of the possible dangers of using electronic cigarettes.

What did the American Lung Association say about today's FDA decision on Juul? Needless to say, they were pleased. The American Lung Association called the decision "welcomed and long overdue." Here's the full tweet:

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