Hamburg Inn No. 2 in Iowa City seems to be having a rough year. A couple of days before the start of 2023, a sign appeared on the door of the restaurant at 214 N Linn Street that revealed it would be closed "indefinitely." There were claims from restaurant staff that the iconic eatery wasn't able to pay its bills or its employees, and that there was building maintenance that needed to be done. Hamburg Inn ended up reopening its doors quietly on February 22nd with limited hours, but no other major changes.

Unfortunately, Hamburg Inn No. 2 is having issues once again, this time with the staff. A new article from the Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the Iowa City restaurant has another sign on its door letting customers know that it is temporarily closed. It reads:

"Due to staffing issues, unfortunately WE ARE TEMPORARILY closed until further notice. For the great community of Iowa City we deeply apologize for the inconvenience and hope to reopen again real soon. - THE BURG"

The Hamburg Inn has a long history in Iowa City, first opening its doors back in 1935. According to their website:

"Politicians and candidates regularly visit the Hamburg Inn when they swing through Iowa City – including former Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama – and hosts the Coffee Bean Caucus every primary season, attracting national and international attention to Iowa politics."

There's no word on when Hamburg Inn No. 2 will be serving up their world famous pie shakes again, but we will be sure to update you when the restaurant reopens.

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