If you’ve been keeping up with my “I’m new in town” chronicles, you notice that I referenced that the police chopper was a staple in the sky 20 years ago. I was hoping things had calmed down some since there has been so much city improvement. I was a bit shocked to this morning that I had to report a CRIME!  Not a crime that I committed.  I’m not that dumb.   Ok, maybe I am but I digress…

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Sloppy Joe/TSMThe truck that was parked next to me was broken into.  The window was smashed and that’s about all I know.  Am I right to think it was a break-in?  The window was smashed, glass on the ground, no one was around, the truck was still there, a quiet parking deck, and some cheesecake.  The cheesecake was mine.  It was comfort food I had in my pocket in case of emergency.

Parking should be easier than this

When I parked on the ramp across from The Alliant Energy Center last night, I parked between the trucks and thought, hmmm I’m right between two tall trucks.  That might provide cover for someone to break into my car.  So, I took my GPS with me.   What if I had left my GPS and this thief had broken into my car!?  The joke would have been on the thief.  The GPS isn’t updated.  Ha, ha, thief, you just got a middle to bottom-of-the-line Garmin GPS, that’s NOT updated.  How foolish they will feel when they find this out.

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Almost everyone there would leave their doors open in the town I moved away from.  I did not.  I trusted all my neighbors, but sometimes people, or other things, passing through had nefarious intentions.   What other things, you ask?  Grizzly bears.

How do you stop crime like this?  The lighting on the ramps is decent, not great, but it lights up when you walk under it.  Maybe they should use some of those parking fees to upgrade the lighting so that thieves can see better when they break into your car.

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