Back in 2017, the Cedar Rapids Police Department began its pilot program on body cameras. Not every officer wore one. Flash forward two years and well over $100,000 and a lot has changed.

Every uniformed Cedar Rapids police officer now wears a body camera. The department says that there are a total of 150 cameras, five being extras. Each camera costs $915. The $122,000 that covered a majority of the cost of the cameras was provided by several federal grants.

Officers say that the cameras work well with other technology including cameras in each squad car. They were also able to integrate the cameras with equipment in the interview rooms as well. The department's server is also large enough to handle all the new footage that comes in.

Each officer has a camera that is used during most interactions and calls. There aren't many times when the camera won't be on, except those that happen in a hospital or jail where there are privacy issues.


[via CBS2]

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