Just so you know, if you're over 11 mph in Cedar Rapids, you will get a ticket.  As the Fourth of July approaches, the celebration of freedom is accompanied by a crucial reminder: safety takes center stage. And with that, this fun reminder from the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

The City of Cedar Rapids Implements Automated Traffic Enforcement Changes

In alignment with new State regulations under House File 2681, effective July 1, 2024, the City of Cedar Rapids announced significant updates to its Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) program. Following thorough collaboration with the Iowa Department of Transportation (IA DOT), the City has successfully submitted its application for an ATE permit.

So what does all that legal jargon mean for you? Well, the key amendments include the enforcement of speed violations starting at 11mph over the posted limit, as mandated by HF 2681 meaning if you are going 36in a 25, you WILL get a ticket. And, it's nothing new in the state of Iowa. In fact, this adjustment aims to maintain consistency with State law, ensuring equitable application across all municipalities.


How Much Will a Speeding Ticket in Cedar Rapids Cost You?

Cedar Rapids police are set to issue citations via the Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) camera system beginning Saturday, June 29, 2024. If you are caught speeding by one of the city's cameras, here's the "damage":

  • 11 – 20mph over the limit: $75
  • 21 – 25mph over the limit: $100
  • 26 - 30mph over the limit: $250
  • 31+ mph over the limit: $500

These modifications reflect the City's commitment to enhancing traffic safety while adhering to legislative guidelines. Residents are encouraged to acquaint themselves with these updates to ensure compliance and road safety within Cedar Rapids.

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Where are the Speed Cameras Located in Cedar Rapids?

Of course, you can avoid a ticket altogether if you just stay under the speed limit. If you are wondering where to find the cameras around town, here's a list from the city's website.

1st Avenue and 10th Street East
Edgewood Road and 42nd Street NE
1st Avenue and L Street SW
Center Point Road and Collins Road Ramp (North)
Williams Boulevard and 16th Avenue SW
I-380 Fixed Points (Northbound Diagonal Drive SW)
I-380 Fixed Points (Northbound J Avenue NE)
I-380 Fixed Points (Southbound J Avenue NE)
I-380 Fixed Points (Southbound 1st Avenue SW)

What do these terms mean?

So we're all on the same page, automated means it comes in the mail.  If you're speeding all over town, a week or so from now you might find out, that probably wasn't a good idea.  Don't worry if you don't have your license and registration on you when it comes, the mailman will not ask for it.  Also, don't wait for the 4th of July, these measures are already in effect.

What to Do If You Get a Speeding Ticket in Cedar Rapids?

Picture it, you go out to get your mail one balmy Saturday afternoon and among the coupons and political junk fliers you see a white envelop addressed from the city of Cedar Rapids. You open it, knowing it's not going to be good news (because it never is). Annnd, you got a speeding ticket. So, what do you do next? Well, you can contest it (but are speed cameras capable of lying) or you can just pay it and move on with your life. Here's a link to perform either of these actions.

For further information, please contact the Cedar Rapids Police Department or visit the City's official website, https://www.cedar-rapids.org/


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