Yes, there really are ways to make some extra money, that are simple to do. Here's a list that provides a few easy ideas that will net you some cash.

You've heard the messages before... make money at home! Make money during your spare time. My scam alert filter goes on each time I hear one of them. However, I LOVE many of these ideas!

  • 1

    Watch Videos

    Inbox Dollars gives you money for watching videos from sponsored brands. Sign up and they immediately give you five dollars.

  • 2

    Make Money Taking Surveys

    They've done the work for us here, weeding out the scam sites. These three are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau: Swagbucks, VIPVoice, and iSay.

    You'll probably only be matched for a survey or two from each site each month, so sign up for all three to maximize your opportunities, and money potential.

  • 3


    No, not on the water. If you've got an ocean in your backyard, you don't need the extra money anyway.

    We're talking surfing the internet, here. Use Bing and each time you search, you get paid. It works whether it's on your phone or a computer.

  • 4

    Be a Mystery Shopper

    Yes, you've gotta leave home for this one, but it sounds like so much fun.

    When hunting for companies to be an undercover shopper for, make sure they're a member of the MSPA.

    Here a few that come highly-regarded:

  • 5

    Get Paid for Junk Mail

    It seems most of what is in my mailbox each day is junk, with the occasional bill, of course. SKB Center pays for your junk mail and emails too! They take 'em and give you prepaid Visa gift cards. THAT is a good trade.

  • 6

    Play Trivia, Get Cash

    Couch potatoes will love this one! A company called Reward TV. Simply answer questions related to recent television shows and cash in with a few extra bucks each month.

  • 7

    Turn Receipts into Cash

    We all buy groceries and Ibotta. Take a picture of your receipt with your smartphone and start reaping the rewards.

    Want to triple your rebates? Then sign up on three different sites. Try Checkout 51 and SavingStar.

  • 8

    Sell Photos from your Smartphone

    The camera on your smartphone is capable of taking fantastic photos and there's a world of beauty all around you.

    Foap gives you five dollars every time someone buys the license for one of your photos. Every time. One awesome photo could net you some pretty good cash. Maybe you'll ever discover a new career, or a second one.

  • 9

    Free Gift Card Promotions

    Ebates website says it's already given members more than $250 million! Sign up as a new member and you get a $10 gift card from your choice of places like Macy's, Walmart, Target, or Kohl's when you earn your first cashback rebate.

    How does it work? Stores pay Ebates for sending shoppers their way and with your purchases come the rewards.

  • 10

    Help a Business Come Up with a Name

    You read that right. If you're the creative type, this might be perfect for you. Just imagine if you actually came up with the name that a business ends going with. Forget the money, THAT would be cool.

    Squadhelp and NamingForce are websites that companies use to help them with names that will stick. You're given a little information about the business and the amount of money you'll receive if you pick the winning name.

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