Kids say the darndest things, but sometimes those things give you the heebie-jeebies!

Last week I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a post from a Facebook friend named Mikki. She shared a story about her son that really freaked me out! It read:

"Y’all, I’m pretty sure Brantley is possessed... he was sitting on the edge of his bed saying weird stuff about, “why do we have to leave here, why do we have to do this,” and then he started whispering inaudible stuff and squealing."

I've heard many, many stories about young kids saying or doing really weird, unexplainable things. Sometimes it makes you wonder, is it just their imagination? Or can they see and hear things that we can't? Either way, the stories are super creepy!

This morning we posted the question: what's something that your child has said or done that was really creepy? The responses were great! I still have goosebumps! Here are a few of the creepy comments:

Do you have a creepy kid story? Share yours with us in the comments!

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